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Just Jimbo and nobody else!

Flying under the radar...

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Please note: I'm an adult man, over 21. I often engage in activities at mature communities. I also write mature/adult fanfic.

In no way do I encourage underage individuals (minors) to read my fanfic, even though I don't lock the entries. I have kids of my own and wouldn't want them reading mature fanfic. But I feel the burden is on parents and/or guardians to be sure things are fine, just as it is for me as a dad.

Jimbo here. I'm a big "S.W.A.T." fan, and for my first years on LJ I borrowed the name 'Jim Street' and wrote a lot of fanfic with that moniker. My guy set this journal up for me and chose the name, but now he doesn't blog anymore and I've finally changed my LJ name (as of November 25, 2007).

Being a dad is great, with three kids--two boys and a girl, no less!

Being a cop is good (most days).

So is being married to a flaming liberal and a drama queen. We don't see eye to eye about a lot of things, but it keeps life interesting (as if it isn't interesting enough already). And even if our union isn't 'legal,' I love him as much as any man could love his spouse.

So go on, add me if you want. But not if you have issues about same-sex relationships, because it would just bug you, and who the hell wants that?

Some of my LJ is friends only to keep the private stuff as private as possible at a place like this. I tend to get pretty frank from time to time, so if that doesn't bother you and you want to friend me, give me a shout. I'm always looking for new flisters!

lapd dot org

Updated November, 2007

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